Here's why I have never bought a single cryptocurrency coin in my life, yet I am willing to invest in creating my own.

When I first learned about Bitcoin, I was fascinated, but I never really took the time to look into it more profoundly. My first thought was: creating value by wasting resources. That can never be a safe way to store value. Never. Apart from being digital, I didn't see much difference with traditional money. It was only about a year ago that I started to become interested in Bitcoin again, because at that time I was investigating peer to peer technology. It was then that I learned what was really valuable about Bitcoin: The Blockchain technology. As much as I believed in the technology I was still not willing to put any money into it. Why? Because the only sustainable value creation I was witnessing, was the development of this technology. Which is great. But not enough. Even though I've been working with the latest technologies for the last ten years, I'm still a bit old fashioned on some levels. I don't believe in 'virtual value' if it's not backed by something 'real'. I guess I'm a bit Belgian in this regard. That's why most Belgians try to buy a house as soon as possible. Because a house holds real value. It gives shelter etc. Of course this value is relative (almost all value is). But still, it's tangible.

So my opinion has always been: I don't engage in Bitcoin until it becomes something that creates or holds real value. I think with Peershares technology, this is now possible. I can issue my own currency, and I can determine how it creates value. Real value:

Scientists at Oxford university agree: Trees may very well be the best technology to counter climate change, and suck CO2 out of the air on a massive scale. Not only do trees create real value in a literal sense. (they grow and create wood, take co2 out of the atmosphere, and with the right design, forests can provide food and medicine, etc...). BUT more importantly they create massive opportunities to create a new kind of economy. Forests can create millions of jobs, not just by planting them, but also by cultivating them, and creating niche products from all it's produce.

These two factors turn it into a a winning option to store value. Compare it with money. Because of money we actually destroyed lot's of natural wealth. Natural wealth that is indispensable for our future survival. We have no option but to restore natural wealth, or we will end up with NO VALUE at all. On a side note: money itself doesn't hold any real value since it's been decoupled from the gold standard. You can see all over the world that people are starting to get this. How on earth do you think a pension fund will keep it's value if it invests in all kind of destructive industries? It's impossible, in the end. That's one of the reasons why our traditional economic and financial systems are in such dire straits. The underlying narrative (economic growth based on consumption) is simply unsustainable. We don't need to consume more natural wealth. We need to produce more natural wealth. If you make the production of natural wealth the foundation of your economic and financial system, you solve two problems at the same time: the climate crisis, and our financial/economic crisis. Since it's a constructive approach, it can possibly solve many other problems, like the loss of biodiversity, but also all kinds of social problems (unemployment,pollution related diseases,...).

That's why I'm creating Treeshare. Because I believe, that by planting forests, we can create sustainable wealth on many, many levels. Something that is real. That is in everyone's interest. Creating both common and private wealth at the same time.

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