Treeshare is a cryptocurrency: its value is represented by real world resources; newly planted trees. It's a reliable, stable way of storing value.

1 Every Treeshare is represented by real world value in the form of x amount of (newly planted) square meters forest.
2 This value will literally increase as the forest itself grows. The value is also two fold because it represents the value of the land, and the forest on top of it.
3 The forests will be used to sell CO2 emission rights.
4 When forests grow mature, parts can be sold to be used as construction material. The profit could be used to reinvest into the Treeshare ecosystem and plant new forests, and diversify investments in restoration of other natural assets, ecosystems, … The main objective is however to grow rich ecosystems as a long term, stable store of value.

Treeshare was launched on NXT but is migrating to Ethereum soon.