Treeshare is a cryptocurrency: its value is represented by real world resources; newly planted trees. It's a reliable, stable way of storing value.

It's a solution to converging problems:

These 4 problems can actually become 1 solution.

One way to tackle climate change is by planting trees. We need to plant many, many trees. Why not build a trade system then that incentivizes the planting of trees? A currency that is only issued upon the creation of new trees, is not prone to value bubbles. On top of that it creates actual real value on many levels. (Forests can create a plethora of wealth, from wood to herbs, medicine, food,...but it will also create jobs).
And you can never grow too much forests. In the hypothetical case that this would occur (which is highly unlikely given the huge challenge we're facing today, in restoring our environment), you could use it as a fuel, or as construction material, etc...

In other words, we redefine value as:
NOT the result of the consumption and destruction of natural resources,
BUT as the restoration and cultivation of natural resources.

Win – win:

Companies and governments get a tool to work on their CO2 emission targets, and at the same time a more stable, reliable way of storing their assets (It's real!). Money in the end will be worthless in a postgrowth economy, and the only way to preserve our future is to evolve towards a postgrowth economy. Treeshare is an example of how wealth can be created without destroying natural wealth, but instead, creating natural wealth. The new-growth economy.

The ultimate philosophy behind Treeshare is that there is no wealth possible without preserving and cultivating natural wealth. Treeshare aims to be an answer to the converging problems of financial crises, global warming and the unsustainability of the economic growth paradigm. In the end we will grow a new economy by growing trees.

What about decentralization? Treeshare is different from most cryptocurrencies, as the creation of value will be centralized at first. The usage of Treeshares will be decentralized however, just like Bitcoin.
We're a non-profit startup. As we're striving to be a solid stable cryptocurrency and store of value, we'll try to ban all properties in our currency that in any way enforce speculation. If you buy Treeshares, you do it as a long term solid investment. If you're looking for short term wins through speculation, there's plenty of choice in altcoins. We're not one of those coins.

The valuation of your Treeshares will rest with our organization in the beginning, as we're the ones who will buy the ground and plant the trees. In the future as we grow, we hope to attract and train many partners to help us with creating that real world value: planting new forests. We want to become more then a company. A movement. We're confident that there's a huge market for tools that offer governments and companies a way to handle their CO2 emissions, as global pressure is building up to tackle climate change. It also provides a huge potential for new sustainable jobs.

Treeshare is migrating from NXT to ethereum, more info soon!