August 21, 2019, 8:01 am

We aim to bring together the interests of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and sustainability advocates, to grow a new sustainable economy.
We are an open network. We believe that the storage of value should be decentralized, and in common hands, not in private hands. To avoid manipulation and corruption. So we intend to open-source our technology, as wel as our methodology. We will however first test our technology and methodology on a small scale.

If you define newly planted trees as a store of value, and represent them with secure digital shares, you can:

  • Tackle climate change by absorbing more CO2, by planting more trees.
  • Tackle the loss of bio diversity, by creating rich, self sustaining ecosystems.
  • Create a stable way of storing value that is not depending on the promise of economic growth, a promise that can never be kept in the long term in a finite world.
  • Thus creating a strong incentive to invest in a new sustainable economy. (in comparison to our current money paradigm, that has been designed with a strong incentive to consume and waste resources, which is really contradictory to the concept of storing value.)
  • Create meaningful jobs that restore the world's natural wealth instead of destroying it.
  • Create forest systems that can provide food and resources for local communities to make them more resilient, and less dependent on a globalized economy.
  • Make this world more beautiful.
  • Create a means of trade that is decentralized, cost-efficient, and holds no incentive for misuse or corruption, because it's non-speculative by design. Treeshares are only brought in circulation by effectively planting new trees.


It's what we like to call, time for a #treenaissance

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