I've been following Bitcoin news for about a year now, and more intensely during the last 6 months. I can't help but notice the strong sense of competition between different altcoins. I always wonder what they hope to achieve with this kind of behavior? It seems like a mindset that doesn't match Bitcoin, and what it promises.
To me Bitcoin (the blockchain) is a promise of democracy and justice. It's a tool that promises to help restore the values of the French revolution: égalité, liberté, fraternité. Equality, liberty and brotherhood. I don't see too much brotherhood though. Caesar already knew: 'Divida et empera'. Divide and rule; this is how the world still works today. Capitalism has programmed competition into the very core of our existence. (People will often quote Darwin, and refer to the struggle for survival, as competition being an objective (and dominant) fact of life) It is not though. It is just one aspect of life, one of many. In nature there's equal proof to be found of collaboration within and between species. The entire ecosystem is in fact a collaboration. Personally I think most of the marvels of capitalism are due to collaboration, and most of the mess, is due to competition. But that's just my opinion. And it's of course a bit more complicated than that.
For us humans it comes down to this: choice. We can choose to compete. But we can also choose to join forces.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is, let's be honest, still very small, and very fragile. The competition might very well break that fragile ecosystem. Bitcoin should and could instigate a revolution much broader than purely on a financial or economical level. But we will have to work together. That is one of the reasons we chose to use an existing technology to create Treeshare: Peershares. And join this community, rather than reinvent the wheel. I have every interest in seeing this technology succeed. I think they also have an interest in seeing an organization like Treeshare, that applies their technology, succeed. This is a win win situation. I don't believe a cryptocoin will ever be revolutionary, if it comes from a capitalist mindset. It's in fact this mindset that is most hurting to the fragile Bitcoin ecosystem. The pump and dump, and quick-get-rich-schemes. The same mindset that created our current economic paradigm, and let's be honest, the terrible mess we're all in today. This undermines the credibility of the entire ecosystem. The Bitcoin ecosystem can be SO much more.

Forget about the old world; it's falling apart, and it will collapse inevitably. Let's not build the new world on these shaky (moral) foundations, but start from a new solid ground. This solid ground will be first and foremost our mindset. Open your mind. See the opportunities that arise when you let go of the limiting views and beliefs of the current capitalist mindset. Understand that in the long term, the only way to win, is to create more winners, to create prosperity for all, not just for yourself. It's time for a cultural revolution, and Bitcoin could be an important part of it.

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