We live in a complex world. The problems we face might seem overwhelming to most of us. But the truth is, if you search for the foundations of a problem, it's sometimes very easy to find a solution.
We live in a world driven by money. Money has become one of the prime forces that drives us forward. We have built an economy that incentivizes growth, and the consumption (and often destruction) of natural wealth and resources. However, the further we go down this rabbit hole, the more we see that this is completely unsustainable.

We want a means to store the value of our hard work. We save our money for later. But how can we be sure this money will still hold it's value in 20, 30 years? If central banks can just create it out of nothing (quantitative easing) what does this really mean? What would happen if all people withdraw their money from their accounts? Would it even be there?
The problem with money, is that it's no longer backed by real world value. It used to be backed by gold, but not anymore. It's only backed by debt, and thus, the assumption that the economy will grow forever. Which is impossible. Can you create value out of nothing? Of course not. The money that is printed for eg. during 'quantitative easing' simply lowers the value of the complete supply of money. In other words, instead of storing value, the money system actually decreases value.

This is only one part of the problem. Since we've consumed about half of the planet's resources by now, the only thing we can trade this huge pile of money for, is the other half of earth's resources. But alas! If we consume this part as well, our entire ecosystem will collapse. There will be nothing left. We will be sitting on a useless pile of money.

It's clear, that we need a new way to address the problem of storing value. But what if the solution lies in the problem? Perhaps all we need to do, is turn things upside down. What if we created an economic system, that incentivises restoration of natural wealth? Since natural wealth is the origin of all wealth, it seems like a good idea, to create as much of it as possible. And if all value originates from natural wealth, it means it's an excellent way of storing value.
So we decided to create a currency, that is only issued through the creation of new natural wealth. No creation of money/value out of nothing. Every Treeshare that enters the market, is backed by real natural wealth. The only way to preserve our future, is to cultivate it.

Our currency has something for everyone:
Climate activists: Imagine, instead of fighting the old system, you could just literally invest your time, community, etc in a new system. Take the fuel out of the old system, and inject it into a system that actively works on restoring the worlds precious ecosystems. And imagine what could happen if your community joined forces, and instead of pledging $, came out to plant trees, and created new Treeshares. Newly created value, that in turn could be invested in more 'work of restoration'.

Investors, pension funds,... You want to store value, don't you? You want this value to remain steady in time, or even grow, don't you? Buying shares that are literally backed by growth, you just can't beat it. It's value is real. And it's here to stay.

Governements: You want to create jobs, right? Well we're going to need a lot of hands, to restore the natural wealth of our precious planet. Let's create meaningful, sustainable jobs, and grow happy people.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts: Finally. A stable cryptocurrency.

All the people of the earth: BREATHE! It's the start of a new Renaissance.


Let's do this. We're looking for all kinds of talent to join our movement: permaculturists, cryptocurrency experts and coders, sustainability experts, rebel economists, climate activists, ...
Join us: grow@treeshare.be

Together we can shift the economy, from destructive growth to healing growth. One tree at a time.



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